101 by Teahaus

Craving Asian food? Or maybe a new regular coffee spot? Then I recommend trying out 101 by Teahaus, a recent addition to The Crescent shopping center on Airport Blvd. and Lamar. And yes, it is an expansion of Tea Haus. I had never been to this restaurant before, and I was pleasantly surprised by the food and the ambiance of the restaurant.IMG_1772.jpgIt was very clean, bright, and modern with plenty of seating—and parking (an Austin blessing). It’s also stocked with a full bar, coffee, pastries, grab-and-go items, and of course, boba tea.


To start, I ordered the Boba Milk Tea, that drink with those small, edible pearls (chewy tapioca balls) at the bottom of it. I had never had it before, but I enjoyed it; sucking up one of those little pearls took some getting used to, but overall the drink had a nice flavor.


First sip ever!


Now for the food: I ordered the Bulgogi Tots, a favorite of the Tapas. With tater tots and steak smothered in cheese and kimchi sauce, I can see why this app is so popular.

IMG_1792.jpg IMG_1823.jpg

For an entrée, I ordered the Haus Chicken Curry Rice, another popular dish. For this one, they take their Basil Fried Chicken (an app; haus marinated chicken, Thai basil haus spice) and pair it with a Japanese curry and a side of rice.


You get a very generous amount of curry (comes on the side), and it is definitely plenty of food for one person. It could also be shareable among two people, but if you decide to share, I suggest ordering an appetizer as well. Especially if you’re really hungry. Both of these dishes were just as mouth-watering as they looked! You could tell that the food was fresh, and bonus: it didn’t leave you with a greasy feeling after eating.


Since I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth (seriously, it’s OOC), I obviously ordered a dessert after my meal, which comes from Miss Confectionist. The London Fog Panna Cotta is one of the fan favorites, so I ordered that, and because I’m also indecisive, I ordered the Earl Grey Rice Krispie as well. If you’ve never had panna cotta before, or don’t know what it is, it’s an Italian dessert made of sweetened cream with gelatin and is molded. It has a very smooth and creamy jello-like consistency. At 101, they put their own twist on the traditional Italian panna cotta by infusing it with earl grey tea. It might sound strange, but let me tell you, it works.


To be perfectly honest, I have never had earl grey tea before, so I can’t even tell you what that tastes like, let alone what it brings to the London Fog. But, I can say that it was very smooth and perfectly sweet, and definitely subsided my sugar craving. That is, until I tasted the Earl Grey Rice Krispie. Sprinkled with crushed earl grey tea leaves and coated in a milk tea glaze, this sweet treat will have you ordering a second one to-go. Kellogg’s ain’t got nothing on you, Miss Confectionist.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to eat!



I have to say, I have a knack for finding free things/events/swag, etc. Still not sure if that is something to be proud of, but hey, it certainly helps when you’re ballin’ on a student budget.


Those four letters get me every time. 

Yesterday, Briggo Coffee Haus opened its doors turned its machine on right on The Drag across from the University of Texas at Austin campus, and will change your coffee experience entirely. It’s located inside of Moojo, so why not treat yo self to some ice cream while you’re at it.



The machine that does it all.

Unlike your typical coffee shop that has a barista making your custom creation, Briggo is a machine that dispenses your custom creation—so 2018, am I right? You can order online or through your mobile device (find it in the app store here), fully customize your order, and pick it up when you’re ready! You read that right—when you are ready. 

Normally, when you order coffee through your mobile device at a place like Starbucks, img_0905.jpg
your drink will be made as soon as the barista can make it and will place it on the counter for pickup. Obviously, the barista does not care if you are there waiting for it to be made or if you let it sit for 30 minutes before picking it up, which may mean you have a cold latte or a melted iced caramel macchiato. With Briggo, however, the coffee is made upon arrival. You select your order on the screen, enter the personal code given upon ordering, and BOOM. Your caffeine fix appears.



Download the app and save your favorite coffee combos for quick ordering on the go; your first and 11th drink are F R E E. Invite friends to earn even more free drinks! If you head to Briggo today (1/17/18), you can get a free cup of coffee, a free shirt, AND a free taco if you post on social media about Briggo (while supplies last, of course).

Great quality. Total Customization. All at your own convenience.fullsizerender-copy.jpg



So, my parents came to Austin for the weekend to visit me and my sister and it was a weekend chock full of eating. As we all know, Austin is known for its awesome food scene, so you can bet we hit a different place for every meal. I’ve lived in Austin for over a year now, and I feel like I’ve tried so many restaurants at this point, yet there are still so. many. I haven’t tried. So, it’s always fun to try a new restaurant, and this weekend we did just that.

We ate at Abel’s on the Lake for the first time this weekend and it was awesome. We had what is arguably the best table in the whole place: right in the corner on the dock, so we had the waterfront view on two sides of our table, accompanied by two swans and some type of duck. We learned that when you come to Abel’s, you come for two things: the food and the view. Nothing else really matters because those two alone are enough. It is located right on Lake Austin, right next to the dams, which were actually pretty cool to see.

We all ordered a variety of dishes, starting out with the chicken nachos app, which were delicious and I would def order them again. If you like nachos, you’ll love these. And, we were just in time for #nationalnachoday. Score.


Nachos on the lake? Yes, please!

Although it was my first time at Abel’s, it was definitely not my last. I will be back (probably very soon) especially with this nice, cool, fall weather comin’ in hot so I can enjoy sitting out on the lake.

Watch out, Fort Lauderdale beach…Abel’s might have somethin’ on ya!   😉