When it comes to any race, competition, meet, etc., people can be very superstitious (perhaps rigid) when it comes to their pre-event meal. Many preach about carb-loading the night before, so that your body will have plenty of energy stored and ready to use. I


My new favorite flavor, Chocoberry.

can be pretty superstitious myself, and I was almost regretting the three bowls of Amy’s Ice Creams Chocoberry flavor I had the night before running the Austin Half, for the same reasons dedicated racers would tell you. But, seeing that this half marathon, my third one ever, was my best one yet, eating Amy’s the night before might just be my new tradition!

Running the Austin Half Marathon was such an
incredible experience. I love the feeling of being surrounded by literally thousands of others who all share the same passion and excitement as you do—I guess that’s why they call it a runner’s high! Even if you aren’t a


Lining up in the corral, ready to run!

“runner,” you can still participate and share the same feeling, whether you run the 5K, the half, the full, or you just volunteer and support participants. This year, there were over 17,000 race participants, from all walks of life, representing all 50 states and 35 countries. How cool is that?!


The course was definitely more challenging than I anticipated, with the majority of it being uphill, but it was so worth it. There’s nothing better than that feeling when you cross the finish line and having random strangers cheering you on at literally every single block along the way. Some people don’t even have any affiliation IMG_1738.JPGwith the event, let alone running in and of itself, yet they are still out on the course holding up signs and yelling your name as you run by. I love reading the clever signs people hold up and seeing how much fun they are having watching and cheering; it really is a great distraction. Especially on Mile 12, going up the largest hill on the course. You can’t give up when people are cheering you on! (For reference: the hill I’m talking about is on 15th Street going over Lamar, if you live in the area. The first time I drove down it I got butterflies because it was so steep, so just imagine running up it!) And of course, it wouldn’t be an Austin event without live music! Every few miles there was some type of band or musical group playing music for you, and there was live music at the finish line, which happened to be at the Capitol, my favorite building. If you think that is fun, check out our finisher’s medal, which doubles as a belt buckle! #ClassicAustin


The medal combines all of my favorite things: music, running, Austin, Texas, and the Capitol.

So, you have one year to start training and sike yourself up for 2019…you know I’ll be there! #RunAustin 2018 was my best race yet and I can’t wait for next year. Well, maybe I can…these muscles don’t recover over night!


All smiles at the finish because we each set a new PR.








Every winter, the Whole Foods on Lamar–the Whole Foods Flagship–sets up an ice skating rink for anyone and everyone to enjoy and to help us pretend that we live in a region that actually has a true winter (although it has snowed here in ATX on more than one occasion thus far!). IMG_1292.JPG

It is set up on the plaza rooftop, where Whole Foods hosts a plethora of other events, which is really a unique idea.


Ten dollars will get you a pair of ice skates and entry into the rink to skate for as long as your legs can handle. Or for as long as you can handle these frigid temperatures, since it is outside.

Now, I know what you are thinking- an ice skating rink on the roof? How big can this thing really be? But not to worry! You aren’t actually on the roof, just the roof of the plaza. This will be the 13th season so they have perfected every last detail. Your only concern is how many people may see you fall. Or is that just mine?

The rink is open daily from 10 AM – 9 PM, and if you go on a Friday you can jam out with KUTX for its KUTX Music Fridays series.

Whether you’re a regular Michelle Kwan or just starting out, it’s a must-do for everyone!

Whole Foods Market Lamar, Rooftop Plaza

525 N Lamar Blvd.




Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.25.24 PM.png


For those of you who don’t know what ACL is, it is an annual music festival held right here in the heart of Austin, Texas. It’s actually called Austin City Limits, and is one of the largest events held each year.

Each year, about 450,000 music lovers come to Austin to attend one of the two sold-out weekends of music and food. Located in Zilker Park, there are eight stages spread throughout where artists of all different genres perform throughout the weekends. If you’re a music and festival lover, then this is totally your scene.

Ticket prices can be a little steep, but if you’re the risky, play-everything-by-ear type, then you are likely to scalp a super cheap ticket right outside of the park during the day. Now don’t quote me on that, because it’s obviously not a guarantee. BUT, if you’re in the area and not totally set on spending a ton of money then it’s worth a shot. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

I am not the festival lover type, but I have to say that ACL proved to be a fun time when I went last year, and I can see the thrill people get from attending these types of festivals. I think that everyone living in the Austin area should attend ACL at least one time during their time here. My one time was last year, and it was also probably my last time. But hey, to each his own, right?

As we all should know by now, Austin is known for its music (duh) and its food. And ACL offers nothing short of both of those. Featuring over 130 musical artists and who knows how many different local food vendors, you are almost guaranteed to walk out of Zilker with a ringing in your ears and a smorgasbord of classic Austin food in your belly. And maybe even a sunburn.

Do your research and plan accordingly for next year. What are you waiting for?

P.S. Since I didn’t attend this year, here are some pics from last year.


Me and the roomie a little lost and unsure of where to go. Clearly we didn’t do our research.


No zoom on this Mumford & Sons performance! Yay for waiting out the crowds.


Up close and personal with Mumford & Sons.