…for being just about the cutest restaurant EVER!

Last night, I went to Jacoby’s Restaurant and Mercantile for the first time (located on East Cesar Chavez) and I couldn’t believe how cute the restaurant was. I’m talking backyard string lights, a huge outdoor patio for dining, a backyard area with outdoor tables, chairs and couches for mixing and mingling, views of the Colorado River flowing below, great drinks, delicious food….it was just so quaint and perfect that my friend said she would even have her wedding there. Okay, she may not be totally serious, but you get the point. And get this–Jacoby’s offers FREE VALET PARKING. Seriously?! It’s hard enough to find easy parking alone in Austin, but to find a venue that only offers valet that is free? Dream come true. Especially if you’re on that broke-student-salary like me.


The French Kiss cocktail: a must try. Only $6 during Happy Hour!

Jacoby’s has a really great Happy Hour menu with some drinks and snacks being half-off. And, for all of you who like to turn up on a Tuesday, Happy Hour goes until 9pm on Tuesdays. Score! I ordered the French Kiss, which was half off, and it was amazing. If you like pomegranate and peaches (and vodka), then you’ll love it. Plus, it was pink, and you can never go wrong with a pink drink.

If you’re like me, after filling your belly, you’ll head inside to the mercantile shop and spend even more money that you don’t have because it’s too hard to resist. #nojobnoprob?

Overall, everyone needs to pay a visit to Jacoby’s. I was literally there 24 hours ago and I’m already trying to plan my next outing there.

*Disclaimer: my photos do not do Jacoby’s justice. Go there ASAP for the real deal.*






So, my parents came to Austin for the weekend to visit me and my sister and it was a weekend chock full of eating. As we all know, Austin is known for its awesome food scene, so you can bet we hit a different place for every meal. I’ve lived in Austin for over a year now, and I feel like I’ve tried so many restaurants at this point, yet there are still so. many. I haven’t tried. So, it’s always fun to try a new restaurant, and this weekend we did just that.

We ate at Abel’s on the Lake for the first time this weekend and it was awesome. We had what is arguably the best table in the whole place: right in the corner on the dock, so we had the waterfront view on two sides of our table, accompanied by two swans and some type of duck. We learned that when you come to Abel’s, you come for two things: the food and the view. Nothing else really matters because those two alone are enough. It is located right on Lake Austin, right next to the dams, which were actually pretty cool to see.

We all ordered a variety of dishes, starting out with the chicken nachos app, which were delicious and I would def order them again. If you like nachos, you’ll love these. And, we were just in time for #nationalnachoday. Score.


Nachos on the lake? Yes, please!

Although it was my first time at Abel’s, it was definitely not my last. I will be back (probably very soon) especially with this nice, cool, fall weather comin’ in hot so I can enjoy sitting out on the lake.

Watch out, Fort Lauderdale beach…Abel’s might have somethin’ on ya!   😉