See you at the barre!

So as I briefly mentioned in my previous post, barre3 Austin at Mueller is offering free – yes, *free* – classes until the end of June, when the studio finally opens. Yes, I mean barre and no, I don’t mean the bar you go to when you want to kick back with a cocktail and celebrate the end of a work week.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what a barre class was either until a couple of weeks ago when I attended my first one at barre3 Austin at Mueller. Like I said, the studio is part of the newly developing Mueller neighborhood, so it is still underway. According to barre3 itself, barre is rooted in three fitness disciplines – ballet, barre, Pilates and yoga. If you’ve never been before, you are in for a real treat.

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Barre3 Austin at Mueller.

The only equipment you need to bring (at least to these free, pre-studio opening classes) is a yoga mat, as barre3 provides the rest, which is just a single core ball. The classes consist of a lot of squats, core exercises, and balancing techniques. The moves can be pretty challenging, but there are always modifications for every move or combination. So, if you aren’t feeling it one day then feel free to modify as you please.

Now let me tell you something: I used to be an avid yogi, practicing five or six times per week (sadly not as frequently anymore), and I thought this class was going to be a breeze. Boy was I wrong. I struggled through the first class and, at times, all I wanted to do was let out a scream! I nearly shed a tear when I looked at my watch and realized I was only 15 minutes into the 60 minute class. I walked out of that class vowing I would never do it again, was the sorest I’ve been in quite some time, and swore it was the hardest class I’ve ever attended. Now, here I am attending class religiously three days a week, and will probably be the first one to purchase a package when the studio actually opens. What can I say – I’m addicted!

I highly suggest everyone attending at least one – no, two – classes at some point. I say two because if you’re like me, then you might need more than just the initial class to get you hooked! Especially for Mueller residents, it doesn’t get any better than this; it is so close and the times are so convenient that you really have no excuses. Also, it’s better to try the classes now since they are free, that way you don’t have to make a huge commitment without knowing anything about it. What’s also really great is that the studio owner, Emily, actually teaches the classes as well. She is so kind and truly wants her barre students to succeed and do their best. For such a tight-knit neighborhood, it is nice to have the studio owner actively take part in the community and actually take the time to get to know her students, as opposed to just being the name behind the studio.

So, head on over to barre3 Austin at Mueller. The studio is set to open in the Mueller Town Center on Aldrich Street, just next to the Alamo Drafthouse, but until then the free classes are right outside of Mueller Central (rainy day classes take place under the Browning Hangar). The class schedule for Mueller is as follows:

Tuesdays at 6:45p

Thursdays at 5:45a

Saturdays at 8:30a

P.S. Barre3 Austin at Mueller is active on Instagram @barre3austinmueller and Facebook (search: barre3austinmueller) too, which is where you’ll find any information about the free classes, such as cancellations due to weather.

See you there!

xo, E


Welcome to Mueller!

…or is it pronounced Miller? Or Muller?

I live in the Mueller neighborhood, a very beautiful, friendly, and family-oriented neighborhood located just three miles north of Downtown Austin and two miles from the University of Texas at Austin. It has everything you could ever need within a two-mile

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

View of Mueller Lake, with Downtown Austin visible along the skyline.

radius: multiple parks and playgrounds for the kids, H-E-B, the Thinkery (top-notch children’s science museum), retail stores (think: Target, Marshalls, BB&B, Home Depot), a variety of restaurants/fast food (Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, French, American, and of course, the essentials like Sbux, Tiff’s Treats, Torchy’s, froyo, and Chipotle, to name a few), a fire station, a Children’s Hospital, healthcare offices, a liquor store, and much, much more! That’s just covering the basics. I could keep naming places, but you get the point.

We even have a Facebook group only for the neighbors, and let me tell you, that page gets more traffic than I-35. If you live in Austin, then you know that is a lot. Every question…every complaint… every noise…every garage sale… there is a post. Sometimes it gets a little annoying out of control, but when you think about it, it’s quite nice; it’s like our very own live updates feed just for our neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone and the neighbors all do their part to keep the neighborhood clean, fun, and most importantly, safe.

Mueller is also a very up and coming neighborhood- there are a ton of new places developing right in the heart of the neighborhood, which also happens to surround a giant lake and park with surrounding running trails. There are several food trucks and restaurants/venues, with the most recent openings being the Alamo Drafthouse, BD Riley’s Irish Pub, Lick Honest Ice Creams, WhichCraft Tap Room & Bottle Shop, Colleen’s Kitchen, and soon-to-be a Barre3 studio. Fun fact: barre3 is offering FREE 60-minute classes outside at the Browning Hangar until the studio opens at the end of June. If you’ve never taken a barre class, then you’re in for a treat; it’s a great workout, but it is very difficult! I don’t remember the last time I was that sore from working out.

A little history lesson for you: what is now the Mueller neighborhood used to be the old Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, located on what used to be the edge of the city. The 8-story control tower, an iconic structure from 1961, has been preserved and restored, as well as the Browning Hangar,

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

The Browning Hangar.

one of two original hangars built for the old airport. The hangar is home to many community events, like fitness classes, and the weekly Mueller Farmers’ Market – the best one in town.

Okay, so I may be a little biased… I haven’t actually been to any of the other Austin Farmers’ Markets, but I already know Mueller’s is the best. It is jam-packed with vendors and visitors, as well as live music each week.


Texas Farmers’ Market tents at Mueller Lake and the Browning Hangar.

The best part? The samples, of course! I’m all about the free samples, so if I’m not at Costco then you can catch me here on Sundays.  All of the vendors and farmers are local and bring only the freshest of products! One of my favorite vendors is the Texas Hill Country Olive Company.


Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company.

Each week they bring about 20-30 different extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars that are infused with different fruits. They put out baskets of bread and you can taste whichever ones you want (or if you’re feeling a little gluttonous then they will let you try all of them…no shame).

So bring your friends, bring your pets, and bring your wallets. Oh, and bring your trash. No, really- thanks to a joint venture between Texas Farmers’ Market and Joe’s Organics, there is free community composting during the Mueller Farmers’ Market hours, which are every Sunday from 10am to 2pm at the Browning Hangar. They encourage everyone to bring their compost scraps in an effort to make Austin a #ZeroWaste community. Yay for being green!

Be sure to check it out – you won’t want to miss it!

xo, E