Mount Bonnell

One of the greatest parts about living in Austin is the overwhelming number of things to do here. There are so many different things that appeal to all different personalities and interests that you can never be bored in this city. Even greater is the fact that there are tons of things to do for free. That’s right…free. Us young twenty-somethings need to stick together when it comes to these things; we’re not made of money, so free = good.

One of my favorite things to do thus far is visit Mount Bonnell. If you haven’t been to it, it’s definitely something to check out. It’s the highest point within Austin city limits, reaching 785 feet, offering an amazing view of the Colorado River and downtown Austin (of course, photos don’t do it justice, so you’ll have to see for yourself).

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The staircase of Mount Bonnell.

I know what you’re thinking…and the answer is no, you don’t have to be physically fit to do this 😉 I know 785 feet seems high, but it actually only requires walking up a single staircase of about 100 steps, give or take.

I can even do it, and I get winded just taking the stairs to my third-floor apartment. But you can totally turn it into a workout, if you’re into that kinda thing. (Side note: there is also a ton of free parking, which is hard to come by in Austin.)

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The Colorado River.

At the top of Mount Bonnell, there are picnic tables and different viewing areas where you can see different parts of the river and the 360 Bridge (another free activity). It’s actually quite nice and you’ll see a lot of people bringing take-out or some prepared food to eat at the top while watching the sunset. It’s actually the perfect spot for a romantic date, or even a just an evening out with friends. But that’s a post for another day, since I have yet to do either of those.

So basically what I’m saying is that you don’t need a reason to go to Mount Bonnell. It’s one of those places that you can go to over and over again and it never loses its appeal. Maybe you need a study break, or a little exercise, or maybe just a place to collect your thoughts and gain inspiration. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making a friend (if you do, let me know).

xo, E

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Picnic table with a view of the city skyline.


Another spot for a romantic meal with a view.


I’m here…now what?

New to Austin? Looking to make new friends?

Yeah, me too.

I thought that after seven months of living here I would know the town pretty well and would have even made a couple friends by now, but boy was I wrong! Apparently everyone but me knew of the struggles that come with moving to a new city. Perhaps I should’ve taken off my rose-colored glasses before I moved. Lesson learned.

But nonetheless, I’m here and I’m ready to explore. I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone and get lost in this beautiful city I now call home, and I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to learn how to live here, how to make friends, and how to find my own way.